About Us

We envision an inclusive society in which women are free to do what they want and be their true selves, to improve their quality of life and that of everyone around them.

FreeW mission is to encourage women to exercise their freewill by boosting their self-confidence, challenging societal stereotypes, and fostering sisterhood across borders.

We provide an ecosystem for women to go out of their comfort zone and discover their inner power through motorcycling, while contributing to the education and economic independence of fellow women and girls.


FreeWomen tribe and Clubhouse

A safe and dedicated space for the women riders’ community to connect, have fun, encourage each other, and be their true selves.

By being a FreeW tribe member, you could access:
-a women-only clubhouse to eat, drink, have fun, exchange riding and gear tips and be your true-self amongst like-minded women riders
-a community of like-minded women riders whom you can visit when travelling overseas
-workshops to develop your skills and your mind: e.g. business skills, mechanics skills, self-confidence building activities, personal development
-opportunities to mentor other women on their motorcycle journey and sponsor lower income women and girls
-information on how to ride and travel responsibly
-discounts on FreeW or partners’ products and services

If you are thirsty of adventure and freedom, and willing to share our sisterhood love, join our FreeWomen tribe

Peer to Peer lending

What if you could make an impact on a woman’s life by giving her a loan?

My experience working with micro-finance institutions made me realise how little can do so much in somebody’s life. It’s all about investing consistently in the right people who will create value out of this opportunity.
That’s why I’d like to create a sustainable model and find a relevant technology platform whereby women riders can support and lend to each other. They will be able to see the impact of their investment in another woman’s life.
You could:
-sponsor a woman’s education or vocational training around motorcycling jobs
-give a loan for a woman to buy a motorcycle, and expand her livelihood options

Until then, you can also sponsor a woman’s motorcycling class…

WORK around 2 wheels

Motorcycling can be a source of emotional, physical and economic freedom.

I’m starting day tours myself, not only as a means to fund FreeW, but also to test the market and be able to offer such job opportunities to other women motorcycle riders.

I also wish to provide training and livelihood opportunities to women in:
-motorcycling: e.g. motorcycle riding training, motorcycle mechanics and/or sales
-tourism: e.g. motorcycle touring, motorcycle rental
-transport and delivery: e.g. peer-to-peer transport, food delivery

If you have job openings in those areas or are interested in investing in women training with FreeW…