When I discovered this place near Lyon, France, for the first time, I was astonished!


I thought that this kind of garage couldn’t look like that!

In fact, I had no wait other than a simple pile of tools, lying in a dark corner, on a dusty and rusty table, with a few motorcycles here and there waiting to be repaired.

But instead, I discovered a huge garage with a place to sit and discuss our favorite topics and a non-amateur place where we can repair our motorcycles while learning with her.


Her? Agathe Sivera.

The fonder of Motorcycle Factory.

As simple as her personality.

But don’t get me wrong!


This talented woman has some “tricky” things to teach you: mechanics (and some other cool things like custom painting).


Since the creation of her garage with two of her partners, she has made this garage a place where people can discuss their love of motorcycles.

As she told me during her interview, she didn’t want this garage to become a dark place where mechanics are symbolised as a difficult thing to do.

She wanted it to become an open space where anything would be possible, even for some women who don’t have the confidence to do mechanics.

That’s why she created a motorcycle workshop where people can learn to repair their own motorcycle surrounded by professionals like her. 

More than 300 tools at your disposal.

4 drawbridges.

And 100% of cheerfulness.

This is exactly the ideal place to feel free to suggest whatever comes to your mind for your motorcycle!

And if you think that female mechanics can’t be pretty and dirty at the same time, you’re kidding yourself!

Agathe will prove you wrong with primed nails, cool clothes made by her garage and a big smile on her face!

But always with grease on her palms or paint on the index fingers.

With this classic, self and chill garage, Agathe democratises mechanics for women who want to get their hands dirty for their passion!

Written by Guillaume Bilcke


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