Why invest in women?

Investing in women is investing in a more sustainable and stable economy.

I experienced first-hand through my professional life and travels the power of womanhood and what it can achieve through resilience and love for others. The women of Asia, in particular, have taught me the value of patience, interdependence above independence, and harmony. Women have social superpowers: the ability to build and share trust, decisiveness in hardship, love and nurturing are just some of the womanhood qualities that the corporate world could benefit from.

Through my encounters with rural women, I have changed my perspective on what “valuable” knowledge and skills are. I’ve spent hours watching in awe the women of the Himalayas prepare a meal out of nothing or sew new clothes out of rags. Their resourcefulness has truly humbled me. I hold a degree and can create business plans, but I can barely cook an egg or recognise vegetables in a supermarket! Why are my knowledge and skills paid for, and theirs not? When did the excel table become more important than sustenance?  

Regardless of all the inequalities we are facing, we still go to work, take care of our families, clean our homes, and fight for our rights, because we are the mothers of humankind and we are strong.

Imagine if womanhood characteristics were recognised and valued in corporate environments- Imagine if countries were taking into account the economic production of their unpaid womanpower- Imagine if all women could study and bring additional livelihood opportunities to their family…

(source: Forbes)