Having only one life is sometimes difficult to manage.

So when we talk about living two lives, it’s not worth it.

And living three lives isn’t even unimaginable, right?

Not for Lara Small.

Chartered engineer for Rolls Royce.

British Army Reservist.

And motorcycle presenter and racer for her own brand.

Yes, only one woman in these three lives.

How is it possible ?

Is there a tip every woman could get from this multi-faceted female biker?

There is.

During her interview, she admitted to me that she does not live these three lives to the point of going beyond her limits.

But she lives each of them to fulfill the others.

With her engineering expertise, she can teach in-depth as a journalist the beauty of motorcycling.

With her racer skills, she proves everything she presents in her own videos.

And thanks to her job as a journalist, she can find the right words to explain the complexity of engineering and racing.

Her three lives teach her to manage the amount of effort to find her limits and succeed.

But don’t get me wrong !

When the green light is there, she pull the throttle to experience “the best thing in the world” as she told me.

It’s time for you too to pursue all the lives you want, find your limits and make the most of each one!

Written by Guillaume Bilcke


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