Sometimes people who come from another country fall in love with their home country and become so patriotic that they want to share their love.

This is how the story of Maja Kenney begins.

This Slovenian biker has never left travel aside since her childhood.

Spending time in Scandinavia, Sweden, Italy, Spain, France and the United Kingdom, she strengthened her passion for travel at a young age.

Two years after her return to Slovenia, she decided to settle in a country with which she immediately fell in love at that time: Wales.

It goes without saying that the “land of songs” called her for a long motorcycle trip.

Between her travel and motorcycling experiences, she decided to combine her two passions to create experiences that bikers will never forget: taking a road trip around Wales.

By seeking this feeling of freedom in the beauty of the Welsh landscapes, she can show all the richness of her country of heart.

From the magnificent Snowdonia National Park to the highest peak in Wales, Snowdon, via Devil’s Bridge, Maja, surrounded by her male and female bikers clients cross what makes Wales beautiful.

By feeling at home, Maja can show that even in a small country like this, you can always discover new places.

If you’ve never been in love, maybe it’s time to explore Wales with Maja by your side!

Written by Guillaume Bilcke


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