meet THE women of asia on 2 wheels.

Meeting PEOPLE

People make travelling meaningful. Our road trips are all about sharing experiences with your group and the local women. This is the reason why guests are accompanied by local women (and men) who have a deep understanding of their culture and can build bridges with local communities, they might even be from there!

Inspiring FREEDOM

Freedom starts within. No matter our cultures, Women are too often pressured by societal expectations on what they should or shouldn’t do, even when they are economically independent. Freedom is a state of mind and we want to encourage our fellow sisters to break barriers to freedom together by challenging societal bias.

Sharing our LOVE

We love each other. We engage and encourage women from all cultural backgrounds to join. We also believe in inclusive societies and that women-men collaboration is key to sustainable change. Our trips are multicultural, and we respect each other’s values. We inspire and get inspired.

Opening our MIND

Never stop learning! We need to fight ignorance and challenge our own bias. In the communities we are visiting, women get to learn new skills, practice English and hear about what is happening outside their homes. By interacting with guests, they boost their self-confidence. In turn, we will take classes with our hosts to learn about their crafts and their way of living.

Taking our TIME

It’s all about the journey… so let’s take our time on the road. We plan our routes to make sure we have a good balance of challenges and fun. We strive to give you real insights into the life of women in the host country and we are not afraid to go off the beaten track. You will see places that you might have never considered visiting, or might not access on your own.

Meet the Women of India-Telangana- 12 days

This trip will be done during Bathukamma, a colourful and vibrant festival celebrated by women, that recognizes the inherent relationship between earth, water and human beings. After experiencing Indian roads, some celebrations and being welcomed into womens’ homes is exquisite.

Dates: 12th to 23rd October 2023

Participants: 6 to 10 max.

Meet the Women of Nepal -12 Days

Ride through astounding landscapes, spot snow-covered peaks, witness wildlife at its best, cruise along roaring rivers twisting high above their banks. You will meet the remarkable women of Nepal known for their great hospitality and joy in sharing their communities and humble homes. It’s food for an awakening soul.

Dates: April 2024

Participants: 6 to 10 max.

Meet the Women of Iran- 17 days

Explore this unconventional country that many believe is filled with danger while those who have actually been there rate it as one of the best motorcycling destinations. Its particularly hospitable people and traveling peculiarities due to a very nascent tourism make this country ideal for an adventurous and human experience.

Dates: October 2024

Participants: 4 to 8 max.

Meet the Women of Myanmar- The Highlands- 10 days

If you’re looking to explore an authentic destination, unspoiled by tourism, Myanmar is for you! This exceptional trip takes you through the country’s highlights as well as venturing on secondary roads to lesser-known destinations. Along the way, you’ll visit local family homes and chat with women entrepreneurs to gain a deeper understanding of Myanmar culture.

Dates: November [currently on hold]

Participants: 5 to 10 max.

You don’t see your dream destination?

LET’s create it

Not ready yet? You’d love to join a socially impactful women’s motorcycle tour but in another country? Let us know!

You have an idea? You know that woman who can share extraordinary experiences with fellow road sisters?


You might wonder...What skills/fitness level do I need to attend FreeW trips?

Some trips will be easier than others and they are ranked based on 3 levels:
1: paved roads with a few challenges or a little off-road here and there (can be done on a Harley)
2: mainly roads but often unpaved with crazy traffic (could be done on a Harley if you’re a local)
3: mainly unpaved roads and off-roads (no way a Harley can get there!)
We try to always balance a good challenge with some easier routes, but the whole point is to go off-the-beaten path so don’t expect easy paved roads all the way. Our trips are for wild women who are all about pushing through their boundaries!
No matter what your riding skills or fitness level are, we will make it happen! We only need your willingness and a bit of bravery. It is also the reason why we are making our trips longer than most tours, to enjoy the encounters along the way and have no pressure. Remember, it’s all about the journey

You might wonder... What can I expect from the level of accommodation and type of food?

Our trips are all about going off the beaten track, contributing to the local communities, and experiencing their way of life. Accommodation will vary from one place to another, with a strong emphasis on sustainable and gender responsible tourism initiatives. In the cities, we will be in hotels or guesthouses, while in the remote areas we will choose community homestays wherever possible. Rooms can be very simple but with hot showers and Wi-Fi access in most places. Accommodation is on the basis of twin sharing to encourage human connections and to be able to accommodate the group in small towns, but single rooms options are always possible upon request.

We have included meals in most tours as they are fully part of the experience. We endeavour to select places with healthy and homemade food, and make sure we can cater for vegetarians. Both international and local options will be available in towns. While in homestays/ guesthouses, you will be able to taste and often help prepare homemade local meals. Also, be ready to eat with your hands wink

You might wonder... Who will I travel with?

All our guides are local folks who are well trained, with a passion and dedication in motorcycling and outdoor activities. We select and train local women motorcycle guides who can facilitate interactions with the women you will meet.

On our trips you will also meet like minded women riders from all walks of life and cultures, who are seeking adventure, freedom and learning experiences, united by the willingness to challenge themselves, create bonds across borders and travel responsibly