meet THE women of nepal

on 2 wheels

On an epic socially impactful women motorcycle tour

28th October to 10th November 2023 (Fully booked)

Next dates: April 2024

in collaboration with Ultimate Adventure Nepal

A Land that touches your heart

The Nepalese are just as warm and welcoming as their country, and have a slogan “अतिथिदेवोभव:” which can be literally translated as “Guests are our GOD”. I haven’t met anyone who has not been touched by this soul awakening atmosphere and its heart warming people. Wedged between two of the world’s biggest powerhouses India and China, Nepal is a landlocked country in the heart of South Asia, known to be one of the most diverse yet small countries as it covers the mighty Himalayas to the plain fertile land of Terai. This is a trip for the most adventurous ones looking to challenge themselves both physically and emotionally!

It’s a response to a sould call for many of us!

Key Highlights

Crossing the country

We grant you unique glimpses of what Nepal has to offer. You will ride through astounding sceneries, spot snow-covered peaks, witness wildlife at its best, bike along roaring rivers on roads skillfully twisting high above their banks, meander through rugged mountain ranges.

Roads are partly sealed, and you will get a taste of challenging offroad sections.

Meeting the Women

You will meet remarkable women of Nepal known for their great hospitality and joy in sharing their communities and humble homes. A rare chance to dive into Nepal’s vibrant culture and tremendous diversity. We look up women-led businesses, ride with local women and enjoy their company whenever we can.

By the time you leave, there may be a few Nepali songs sailing of your lips.

Awakening the soul

Nepal is home to a great mix of religions, ethnicities, and cultures, making traveling so intoxicating. Eternal flames, prayer flags, monasteries, and temples express Nepal’s deep-rooted devoutness. Rest on a riverbank, marvel at shimmering peaks, chat with joyful locals or praise a great day’s ride—it’s food for an awakening soul.

And that’s where we take you.

The Itinerary

It’s a challenging ride to some of the most spectacular regions of Nepal. From the steaming lowlands of the Terai to the dwindling heights of Mustang. With a great mix of on and off-road sections, ever-changing altitude, and traffic. You require resilience and a quench of boldness. But you’ll be surprised how far we can go together.

We foster community homestays and take part in picking up local skills from women. These rewarding exchanges will help women-led organizations such as 7 Women, Community Homestay, and Nepal’s Women’s International Motorcycle Association to thrive. In return, you gain priceless insights not many travelers do.

The Route

The Package

The minute you land, we look after you. Our tours are designed to ensure maximum safety and quality standards we are striving for throughout our journeys.

Following is an overview of what is and what isn’t included. In case you miss any vital information, please give us a shout.

The Team

Sushant Ghimire

Sushant Ghimire

CEO Ultimate Adventure Nepal

Sushant runs Ultimate Adventure Nepal. He is actively engaged in the development of his country, training and empowering youth and girls to take part in motorcycling and sustainable tourism. He led Alison’s tour in 2019, and their shared values kicked off a collaboration. His kind heart, can-do attitude, professionalism, great sense of humor, singing and dancing skills make him a terrific and reliable guide.

Yurbisha Deshar

Yurbisha Deshar

Founder WIMA Nepal

Yurbisha started riding at the age of 16.

Motorcycling makes her feel free, powerful and thrilled. She was a riding instructor for Honda for 4 years and learnt a lot, but her studies in social work and family commitments prevented her from keeping this full time job. She founded the Nepal division of WIMA (Women’s International Motorcycle Association) to encourage more women to ride, and led the first all-Nepalese female tour to Upper Mustang.

What Are You Waiting For?

Next Dates: April and October 2024