“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

Mother Teresa

Jai Bharathi, aka JB, india

Founder of MoWo

As an Indian motorcyclist, I experienced first hand the highly unequal social status of women during my expeditions covering 100,000 kms in seven countries. As a free-willed, independent woman myself, I realized the power that Mobility can lend women. To me, motorcycling has always represented freedom, empowerment and responsibility. I believe FreeW road trips will not only inspire local community women but also help us create employment opportunities. Through such trips, we can encourage our fellow sisters to become motorcycle travel guides, run homestays and monetize their traditional skillsets.

Sushant Ghimire, aka susu, Nepal

Co-founder of Ultimate Adventure

When Alison asked me to organise a trip for women riders, I couldn’t believe there were other crazy women like her! And when she asked us to find a Nepali woman rider as a tour guide, I really doubted we could find any. But I gave it a try and discovered a few passionate riders challenging gender bias in Nepal. I selected Urmila and encouraged her to be part of our team. It motivated me to propose the Lower Mustang trip with FreeW concepts at heart. I believe in the power of women and the importance of including them in the Nepalese society to improve the quality of life of Nepalese people.

Anne Cruickshanks, myanmar

Co-founder of Myanmar Pure Travel

I’ve spent the last 15 years working in tourism in Southeast Asia, doing everything from leading tour groups to leading sales and marketing teams. But tourism is not only my career it is also one of my biggest passions. I firmly believe that tourism can be a force for positive change and this is why I am so excited to work with FreeW. Beyond the financial benefits and economic opportunities provided by tourism, trips like FreeW help build cross-cultural understanding and inspire travelers and hosts to open their minds to new experiences and ideas.

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Are you looking to increase your pool of skills by hiring women riders?

Are you offering vocational and business training?

Or do you just wish to contribute to FreeW mission? Reach out!

By collaborating with FreeW, you will encourage both men and women to be their true-selves and exercise their freewill, and to work together towards a more inclusive society. Your impact on the SDGs will be multidimensional: gender equality, economic empowerment, safe spaces, good health and well-being.
In addition, you can contribute the the below organisations through our road trips and tours

Women of Will, Malaysia

Empowering Women Empowering Communities. Women Of Will transforms the lives of disadvantaged women in Malaysia and their communities through micro-credit financing combined with an Entrepreneurial Development Programme. These women are single mothers, widows, abandoned or abused women and women with incapacitated husbands living in poverty. 

MoWo: Moving Women, India

MOWO creates a generation of confident and independent women, who are equipped with mobility as a skill for empowerment and employment. They train women in riding two and three-wheelers, liaise with organisations to create more livelihood opportunities for women in mobility, and work on policy advocacy which will eventually lead to more women occupying our streets and roads. 

Community Homestay, Nepal

The Community Homestay network has been set up to bring responsible and sustainable tourism to Nepal, to empower women and preserve their authentic culture. They train them in Homestay Management, Hospitality, English and coach them in other areas such as how to interact with their foreign guests, exchange their ideas and culture with visitors. 

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