By women for women…but everyone is welcome 🙂


Women Riders Meet

What Every Rider Should Know

Are you an aspiring rider? A new rider? A struggling rider? Or an excellent rider who wants to brush up her knowledge?

This course is for you! During 4 interactive sessions of 1.5 hours, we will cover maneuvering, challenging starts, riding on different road surfaces, and our top 10 tips and tricks to ride your bike confidently and joyfully. 


Women Riders Meet

Module 1- Moving Your Motorcycle

In this session, we will focus on maneuvering.




Women Riders Meet

Module 2- Challenging Starts

In this session, we will focus on challenging starts, inclines & declines, camber, steepness, decline and immediate turns.



Women Riders Meet

Module 3- Riding on Different Road Surfaces

In this session, we will focus on riding on different road surfaces: gravel, tar, wet, obstacles, loose stones, sand.



Women Riders Meet

Module 4- Top 10 Tips & Tricks for every rider

In this session, we will share our top 10 tips and tricks that will always be useful to your rider’s life, no matter what stage you are on your journey.




Kick start your journey to freedom

Ever wanted to learn how to ride? Take control of the front seat and experience just what freedom can taste like. We provide the motorcycle adapted to your goals, equipment and a woman coach.

Please contact us for trainings in Malaysia and Nepal


You’re a woman rider?

Want to be a riding coach or guide?

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Do I need to bring my own motorcycle for the classes?

It is preferable to train on your own motorcycle if you have one, but we will provide a suitable motorbike depending on your riding journey and goals.

Can I take part as a man?

Yes! We welcome men on our day tours. While the riding classes are to be delivered by women for women primarily, we nonethelss welcome men who wish to learn with us and/or share their expertise. If you are interested in mixed off-road classes, we can also arrange through our partners.

What bikes do you provide? How do you classify small and big bikes?

We refer to small bikes for automatic motorcycles below 250cc. The bikes used for the training will depend on the location, date, and type of training. Reach our to us if you have any specific requirements.